Drain Cleaning Services: 7 Factors That Affect Costs

Costs of Drain Cleaning

One in every five households in the United States relies on individual onsite septic systems to drain then treat their wastewater.

Dealing with sewer water can be a real nightmare for any homeowner unless you ensure regular maintenance schedules. One of the best ways to eliminate foul odor and remove clogs and debris from drains is to source professional drain cleaning services.

You might need to consider the costs associated with such services to ensure your system functions in tip-top condition. Professional drain cleaning expenses vary depending on a few factors.

Are you wondering, “How much drain cleaning services cost?” You are in the right place.

In this article, we reflect on the cost of professional drain cleaning services. Here are the seven factors that often affect the price of drain cleaning services.

1. Type and Number of Affected Drains

When assessing the cost of drain cleaning services, you first need to consider the types of drain. The process of cleaning a bathroom drain is different from when dealing with toilet clogs. The latter will often be more costly, given the complexities involved.

Further, if you have more than one affected drain, you may have to spend more on cleaning services. Sometimes, you have multiple drains in your home, which require clean up. In such instances, you might have to pay more for the extra gutters.

When making estimates for your drains, it may make sense to consider both the type and the number of gutters that require professional attention. This explains why you often have to pay more for the main sewer line cleanup.

2. Housing Type

All houses are not built the same. Some homes require wider pipes to ensure better cleanup of the sewer lines. Depending on whether your house is a standalone home or a townhouse, you might end up paying more or less for the drain cleaning services. In some places, the main drain is part of the local authority sewer lines, making cleanup cheaper.

If you own a standalone house, you have full responsibility for the cleaning of the drains. This means that you are the one paying for the entire stretch of the channel that needs cleaning. Your home’s structural, therefore, has a significant implication on the actual cost of drain cleaning services.

3. Cause of Clogging

Often, when you call in a drain cleaning expert, it’s because your drains have stubborn clogs affecting the system. The type of clogs and the extent of blockage have a direct role in determining drain cleaning services.

A drain cleaning expert will have an easier time cleaning a system’s block caused by soft clogs. At times you can even consider DIY if the damage is minimal.

However, it might take more effort to clear stubborn debris from the system. When dealing with hardened debris, it’s more probable that the cost will be higher.

4. The Cleaning Technique Used

Over the years, plumbing service providers have improved their approach to drain cleaning. Today, techniques such as using the snake drain cleaner and hydro jetting have become a modern way to manage residential and commercial drain systems.

When considering the drain cleaning services cost, you should factor in the kind of technique in use. Most modern professional drain cleaning companies use technologically superior equipment to ensure top-notch cleaning services. Are you wondering how much it will cost to clean your drain system?

The kind of equipment and technique needed to get the system in optimal functionality matters. If the method is more complex, you might expect to pay more for the service.

5. The Distance to Be Covered

Depending on the design of your sewer system, the extent of the drain line may be longer. The drain cleaning service provider must cover the full stretch of the line regardless of the stretch. If your line is longer than average, you might need to pay more to get the drain back to functional order.

Drain cleaning services that cover a shorter distance would typically cost you less. However, you’ll need to pay a premium price to get your drain cleaned if the distance between the main sewer line and the source of the clog is long.

Our experts are always keen to ensure that the process of cleanup is comprehensive regardless of the distance.

6. Emergency

Sometimes your drains develop sudden complications from the blues. When this happens, there’s a risk that you might end up in trouble due to the possible backflow of wastewater.

Compared to instances where you plan for drain cleaning services, emergencies may cost you an arm and a leg. You should always consider cleaning your drains regularly to avoid such emergencies.

Unfortunately, some instances of drain blocks are inevitable. When you call in plumbing experts to respond to emergencies, it may cost you much more than during normal schedules. The professional’s ability to respond to your emergencies on short notice means a deeper dent in your pocket.

7. Season/Regional Pricing

What you pay for to access professional drain cleaning services may vary from one region to the next. You will often also pay more during one season and less during another season for the same services. The variance in seasonal and regional pricing should always matter when estimating your cost for drain cleaning services.

The cost of general plumbing services tends to be higher in suburbs and urban settings than in rural areas. It’s also cheaper to repair drains during summer than during winter.

Such variations also depend on the level of affluence in the given region. It would be essential to consider such factors when making estimating cost.

Get Your Drain Cleaning Services Now

Your home or business premise can turn into a real nightmare if it takes longer to deal with an existing drain block. Clogs and floods are often the main culprits of clogged drains. When this happens, getting reliable drain cleaning services is vital.

Have you been wondering where to get comprehensive plumbing services near you? Contact us today for the best services in town.

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