7 Signs Your Water Heater Is On Its Last Legs

Signs your hot water heater is going out

The mornings and late nights are your favorite part of the day for one reason only. You get to take a hot shower. Imagine your discomfort when you step into an icy cold stream.

This could be a sign that your roommate used up all the hot water or your water heater is on its last legs. Other than cold water what are the signs your hot water heater is going out? We’re here to tell you.

Keep reading to find out if it’s time to replace your water heater or if you can get by with the one you have for a little while longer.

1. Age of the Water Heater

If your water heater isn’t doing its job anymore think back to when you got it. All appliances have an expiration date. Most water heaters are designed to only last for about ten to fifteen years.

If you’ve got a large family that uses a bunch of water then its lifespan is going to fall more into the ten-year mark. So, if your water heater is more then 10 years old or you can’t remember when you had it installed, it may be time for you to retire it.

2. It’s Leaking

A puddle resting around your water heater is never a good sign. This is a huge indicator that it’s sprung a leak somewhere. Even if it’s only dripping water a little bit, you still want to get it replaced.

It doesn’t take long for small leaks to escalate into something worse. If you let the problem water heater sit for too long you risk it causing a flood.

3. It’s Making Strange Noises

Your water heater may make a few noises every now and again but constant clanking, creaking, and groans aren’t normal. It’s a sign of mineral build-up.

You see, as the years go by, sand and other deposits make their way into your water heater. Over time, all the minerals in the tank will harden. This is the source of your clanging problem.

If you let the mineral buildup stay in the water tank it will make it brittle. Your water heater also won’t be able to heat your water as fast.

4. You’re Experiencing Cloudy, Rust Colored Water

The last thing you want is rust-colored water in your cup. It won’t taste good and it’s probably not that great for you. This discoloration happens when you allow sediment to sit at the bottom of your hot water tank for too long.

It will start to eat away at the water tank which will lead to not only brown water but leaks as well. The good news is there’s a way to prevent this from happening.

Drain your hot water heater twice a year at least. This will stop the sediment from building up quite as much.

5. You Don’t Have Hot Water at All

Lack of hot water isn’t as serious as the other issues on this list but it is annoying. How are you supposed to take a shower before work when the water is ice cold? There are two reasons that you may be experiencing this problem.

Reason number one is that your pilot light is out. If that’s the case you can read the instructions in your user manual to find out how to turn it back on. Reason number two is that you need a new hot water heater.

If your water is warm but isn’t quite hot enough to take a shower, your problem could be the heating element. Check to see if the thermostat is set at 120 degrees. If it’s any lower than that the water won’t be able to get hot.

6. The Water Tastes and Smells Weird

For the sake of your health, if you turn on your water and it has a metallic taste or smell, you need to replace your hot water heater. As your water heater gets older, it begins to break down.

When this happens, the metallic flakes from the tank fall off and settle inside of it. If you drink the water despite the taste then you’ll also be drinking those flakes.

7. You’re Always Having Someone Come Out to Do Repairs

How many times have you had to get repairs done on your water heater during the past month? If the answer is more than two or three then it may be time for you to replace it.

One or two problems indicate that there will only be more and greater issues down the line. It will be better to go ahead and pay the money to get a new water heater rather than keep wasting money on costly repairs.

Choosing a New Water Heater?

So now that you’ve determined that you need a new water heater the question is how do you choose one. The best thing you can do is to consult a local professional.

They can give you advice that will help you figure out what size and type of water heater would best for your family.

Noticing The Signs Your Hot Water Heater is Going Out So You Can Get it Replaced

If you’re experiencing cold shock when you go in for your morning shower, it may be time that you had your hot water heater replaced. This isn’t the only reason to spring for a new one.

If you notice any of these signs your hot water heater is going out without a doubt. Call in a professional and get it replaced before it begins to affect your health.

Need a new water heater? We’ve got you covered. Contact us to get an estimate on our services.

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  • Shammy Peterson Link Reply

    It made sense to me when you said that your water heater may need to retire when it has reached its 10th year. Our water heater was installed when we had the house renovated more than 8 years ago. It has started making popping sounds since Wednesday morning, so we will be sure to hire a contractor that can install a new water heater for us.

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