Has your water pressure declined out of nowhere?


There is nothing better than a nice hot shower with a lot of water pressure, many people like to have their pressure high so they have a faster stronger flow. While this may help create a great shower it will also cost you more in the long run as well. The recommended residential water pressure level is 80 psi, anything higher is not good for your plumbing.

When water constantly moves through the plumbing pipes at a high rate of pressure it will cause eventual erosion of the pipes. In addition to the pipe erosion it will also cause leaking to occur from the faucets, showers, toilets and washing machines. Another side effect of high pressure is the increased cost of the water bill due to excessive water flow.

If you would like to have your pressure checked by a professional plumber call and speak with us, Plumb Time Plumbing and Drain Service will be happy to set up time to come out to your home and check the current pressure for you, even if you are suffering from water pressure that is to low we will be able to make any adjustments necessary.

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