8 Common Causes of Home Water Damage

Common Causes of Home Water Damage

Water damage in your home is more than just soaked carpets, mold proliferation, and that awful musky smell. Apart from these issues, water damage can also lead to a variety of health complications and also compromise your home’s structural integrity.

One way of sidestepping these water damage issues is by identifying the root cause of the problem early on and taking action before it worsens. You don’t want to be that guy who ends up spending a bundle on home water damage repairs because you ignored the issue at its infancy. However, if you happen to be that guy, you can take care of the issue, but only if you get the best plumbing service to do your bidding.

In this post, we’ll be highlighting six common causes of water damage in households across the country. That way, you can act fast and identify the cause of any water damage to prevent it from getting any worse.

1. Leaks in the Plumbing System

The most common and obvious source of water damage in your home is a leak in the plumbing system. The problem with these leaks is that they aren’t very easy to spot unless they’re under a sink.

There’s a high chance that a pipe with rust will eventually leak. You should swap out that pipe for another because you’ll still have to do it eventually. The only problem is when you do it later, you’ll also have to deal with the water damage from the leaks.

2. Clogged Gutters and Downspouts

Most homeowners are guilty of overlooking their gutters, and only clean them when they really have to. When the gutters clog, the water pools and overflow to the underside of the house before collecting near the foundation and may lead to cracking.

This water eventually flows and collects in the basement if you have one. This is what causes mold growth and proliferation on the underside of your house. It’s also the source of that awful stench you smell whenever there’s water damage in your basement.

3. Old and Faulty Appliances

A lot of people don’t know this, but old and faulty appliances can also lead to water damage. Washing machines and old water heaters are especially notorious for causing water damage. This water damage is because of damaged hoses or poor connections leading to the appliance.

All the water from these damaged connections runs down to the bottom of the floor where it pools. What follows is the growth and proliferation of mold and an awful musky smell that comes from the bottom of the house.

You should look out for telltale signs that your water heater is getting old, and replace it accordingly. Also, frequently check your hose connections for any leaks or damages.

4. Blocked Toilets

Your toilet blocks when excess solid material goes down the toilet and clogs the drains. This causes water to overflow and flood your bathroom floor with toilet water. This is always a messy situation, quite literally, and mostly happens at the worst possible times.

Apart from the gross situation, a blocked toilet could also lead to a variety of health issues if you don’t address the issue immediately.

5. Burst Pipes

Pipes are likely to burst when the temperature of the house drops drastically. The ice in the pipes will expand rapidly, which makes the pipes burst.

Old and rusty pipes are more likely to burst, so you should probably check your pipes’ condition to be on the safe side. If your pipes are on their last legs, then you should probably replace them once and for all.

6. Septic Tank and Sewage Backup

If you have a septic tank, you need to be extra careful about septic backups. This occurs when the septic tank fills up, or excessive rain makes the septic tank overflow. When it does so, the organic matter in the sewage lines or septic tank backs up to your home through the drains.

Even thinking about the scenario is gross, so don’t get us started on what this means for your home. If this happens to you, call your plumber ASAP so they can take care of the situation and make your home habitable again.

7. Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner has probably gotten you through some freezing winters and searing summers, however, they could also be a source of water damage. Having an air conditioner doesn’t mean you automatically have home water damage. Water damage only occurs when you don’t take proper care of your air conditioner.

Your AC removes excess moisture from the air in your house outside. If the AC ducts clog, the moisture will accumulate inside the ducts. This water then trickles down to the floor and damages it.

So make sure you take good care of your AC and replace the filters frequently to prevent water damage.

8. Adverse Weather Conditions

Sometimes the cause of water damage may have nothing to do with the plumbing system or any house installations. Adverse weather conditions can also cause significant water damage to your home. These weather conditions could be anything from excessive rainfall that causes flooding and extreme snow.

There’s nothing much you can do about adverse weather, except maybe take precautions to mitigate water damage. So check your gutters, downspouts, and outside drainage if you suspect any heavy rain.

Act Fast to Prevent Home Water Damage

Hopefully, you’re now aware of the common causes of home water damage. It now falls on you to be on the lookout for any water damage. Remember, it’s always a good idea to act fast and call the plumber ASAP to repair any water damage before things get worse.

While getting to the bottom of things can help you address minor water damage, you’re better off leaving the serious stuff to the professionals. For professional and expedient plumbing service, contact us today, and we’ll sort you out.

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